Celebrating a Stellar Year with BlockchainSPACE

Blockchain Advisory for the Philippines

Celebrating a Stellar Year with BlockchainSPACE

It has been a year since we partnered with SCI to launch the first BlockchainSpace in the Philippines. The year flew by very quickly and we want to thank everyone who has joined us in revolutionizing the Fintech Industry in the Philippines through the Blockchain Technology. In BlockchainSpace’s first year, we have brought together coders, Fintech professionals, business owners, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts together in our space through our various events and talks educating people about the endless potential of blockchain. 

Our first year in the industry has been wonderful, thanks to all our partners and friends. Let’s look back at everything that happened in the past year!

From meetups to panel discussions to hackathons to everything in between, we have hosted them all in the BlockchainSpace. In just a year, we have hosted 36 (thirty-six) events in our space! We hosted blockchain enthusiasts, coders, people interested to learn about the technology for the first time. These events were made possible by all of our event partners and sponsors. We’re hoping to host more events in the coming months, so stay tuned!

With the help of Makati Digital Currency, EOS Philippines, Manila Ethereum Meetup, Craft & Crypto, and Coding Girls Manila, we hosted DISH Hackathon, the first community-led blockchain hackathon in the Philippines last November 2018. This two-day hackathon was attended by startup members, students, and blockchain enthusiasts from different industries. This event was a success because of the blockchain community’s utmost participation in organizing it!

Speaking of hosting events, we also hosted our very first FinTech Summit last April! The Inclusive Prosperity FinTech Summit was a two-day event that focused on the inclusive prosperity of financial technology. This summit is a two-part event consisting of a conference and a hackathon! In this two-day summit, students, blockchain enthusiasts, and investors were able to come together and expand their knowledge ICO’s blockchain, and other related topics! 

We have a lot of exciting events lined for everyone as we celebrate BlockchainSPACE’s first anniversary! Stay tuned because we will be announcing our event line up real soon. Join BlockchainSPACE’s Facebook group for updates: 


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