Event Wrap-Up: Diligence & Intelligence: Security, Fraud & Risk Mgmt. for the Blockchain Economy

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Event Wrap-Up: Diligence & Intelligence: Security, Fraud & Risk Mgmt. for the Blockchain Economy

Allied Strategic Advisors with Gaudium and SnapEx led us last October 29 with “Diligence and Intelligence: Security, Fraud and Risk Management “ in collaboration with BlockchainSpace Philippines, aimed to educate and inform the community about the importance of being alert and responsible in the fast shifting blockchain world we are in.

Colton Moffitt, Advisor of Allied Strategic Advisors shed a light on the downside of the system and sometimes how our human nature gets in the way of making rational decisions involving sums of money. One notable statement from his presentation was when he said that “the responsibility for security is easy to let slide” and how potentially we are all targets for anyone who sees our security vulnerable.

Franco Dagelet, Management Engineer for LoyalCoin, spoke about the importance of licensing and knowing what are the licenses you should pursue for the right business. He also highlighted the vulnerabilities from the inside and outside threats of security and how to possibly avoid them, one of the examples he gave was regarding VPNs, firewalls & Cloudflare for DDoS attacks. As for his good-to-knows, he states that the SEC will require a full disclosure of your operational systems and agreements given that your ICO was initiated abroad and unfortunately an even thorough guidelines if it were conducted in the Philippines.

Finally, we also had Amelia Chan, Head of Business Development of SnapEx, a cryptocurrency contract trading platform gave us a brief background of their company as well as an introduction to Contract Trading. Contract Trading allows you to venture into the market without having to take ownership of the underlying assets namely on cryptocurrencies, forex, shares, commodities and indices.

With the rise of technological advancements and emerging markets, we continue to become more exposed to the risks of potential corruption, theft and even our own privacy and identity. Therefore, it is important to be responsible and educate yourself further on the community before diving in head first. 

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