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BlockchainSpace, the dedicated event space of Blockchain Advisory Asia
The dedicated coworking space of
Blockchain Advisory Asia and Member of #BUIDL Network

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Since May 2018 we have been building the Blockchain Community in the Philippines. To date we have hosted, organized and partnered with …

We work closely with communities across the Philippines to advocate:

1. Education
2. Adoption
3. Awareness

Hosting and organizing Meetups, Hackathons, Workshops and Forums for Developers, Enterprise Professionals, Traders and the General Public. We’ve covered a diverse number of topics across use cases in Financial, Humanitarian and Governmental applications and even introduced the minds behind the Blockchain Gaming industry.

Our mission is to share new emerging applications with the community to be the driving force from conceptual application to real life implementation.


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Decentralized Innovation Startup Hackathon (DISH) 2018
Decentralized Innovation Startup Hackathon (DISH) 2019


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