Christmas DTL (Drink / Talk / Learn) – The Epic Christmas Party

Blockchain Advisory for the Philippines

Christmas DTL (Drink / Talk / Learn) – The Epic Christmas Party

Another amazing year came to an end at BlockchainSpace with the year’s finale culminating in an epic treat! BlockchainSpace’s Epic Christmas party brought together 17 sponsors and 16 speakers, a testament to the collaborative nature of the industry. On the evening of December 10, the doors at 111 Paseo de Roxas welcomed back tech partners, colleagues and clients for the year to showcase the Philippine’s blockchain movers and shakers.  

The program kicked off with lightning presentations for speakers to summarize their achievements in 2019 and future plans for 2020, with a lighthearted alcoholic penalty should the speaker exceed their 2 minute allocation. The speaker roster included new Filipino faces from the Blockchain Association – Distributed Ledger Technology Association of the Philippines (DLTAP), Urban Greens – an urban farming hydroponics project supported by IoT and Battle Racers, a local blockchain-based game, amongst many others. Full list can be found at the end.

The celebration continued with more fun and games served with overflowing drinks and feel good food thanks to very generous sponsors including Unionbank of the Philippines, Huawei Cloud Services, Gorricetta Law and BTSE.

“The blockchain industry had yet another turbulent year in the Philippines in 2019 which was signalled by the closing of several enterprise players – ConsenSys, Mergecommit, SCI Blockchain Technologies. The founding community remains strong and active though and we continue to help our clients source and build blockchain developer talent, conduct seminars and work with academia for the proliferation of building awareness, adoption and education.”

– Peter Ing, Country Head, BlockchainSpace

Attention continues to build around DeFi (Decentralized Finance), STOs (Security Token Offerings) and Smart Cities. We envision to see action here in 2020 as well as with the complementary Cryptocurrency Exchanges. 

As BlockchainSpace welcomes a new year, they will continue to push and pioneer the blockchain community forward, opening doors for bigger opportunities, welcoming new companies each and everyday.

Major Sponsor: Gorriceta Law / BTSE / Unionbank of the Philippines / Huawei Cloud
Co-Presentor: The Goltra Company / BlockStack / Waves / Makati Digital Curency / Decentralize.Today / PDAX / Binance Filipino / TagCash / Elastos / NTT / Urban Greens

Full Speaker list:
1. BlockchainSpace (Blockchain Community) / PETER ING
2. Distributed Ledger Technology Association of the Philippines (DLTAP) / JIN GONZALES
3. Illumin8 (Cyber Security) / KAREN TENORIO
4. Urban Greens (Urban Farming Project) / RALPH BECKER
5. Unionbank (WWF Blockchain Project / Xcellerator) / NIX SYJUCO
6. MakerDAO (Web 3.0) / AMADEO BRANDS
7. BTSE (Crypto Exchange) / JOYLIN TELAGEN
8. Battle Racers (Blockchain Games) / GABBY DIZON
9. BlockDevs Asia (Blockchain Developers) / CASPAR OOSTENDORP
10. SCI (Crypto Exchange & Wallet) / RICH HAHN
11. Binance (Crypto Exchange) / MIKO ILAS
12. Waves (Web 3.0) / CHRISTOPHE VERDOT

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